We are no longer playing!! Thank you to everyone who came to our past shows and supported us!!

past shows
December 16, 2005
Hotel Utah
w/ Tussle, The Very Hush Hush

November 5, 2005
Bakery, 3407 Harlan St., Emeryville
w/ Experimental Dental School, King Cobra

October 29, 2005
523 Campbell House Party
w/ Bubonic Plague (LA), Floating Corpses

October 5, 2005
Hemlock Tavern
w/ Fatal Flying Guilloteens

August 7, 2005
Lobot Gallery, Oakland
w/ Old Time Relijun,Yuma Nora, Dead/Bird, Micose & the Mau Maus

October 5, 2005
Hemlock Tavern
w/ Fatal Flying Guilloteens

July 23, 2005
Lobot Gallery, Oakland
w/ So So Many White White Tigers, The Icky Girlfriends, Two Gallants, Dada Swing, Readyville, Gregg Kowalsky
Berkeley Liberation Radio Benefit!

July 29, 2005
The Smell, Los Angeles
w/ The Red Onions, Battleship, Alleged Gunmen

June 26, 2005
12 Galaxies
w/ OCS, Full Moon Partisans
Panache Magazine Release Party!

June 30, 2005
Eagle Tavern
w/ Militant Children's Hour, Weed Wolf, TBA
benefit for wrestling team / gay games

July 4, 2005
House Party
w/ Weegs, Fuckwolf, Militant Children's Hour

July 6, 2005
Elbo Room
w/ The Husbands, Motorama (Italy), Radio Reelers

June 8, 2005

Elbo Room // Mission Creek Festival
w/ The Holy Kiss, Rykarda Parasol, Yellow Press

May 17, 2005
Bottom of the Hill
w/ The Weegs, Sixteens

April 27, 2005
Rickshaw Stop
w/ Condor, Trio of Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers) Mick Barr (Orthrelm/Octis) & Sam Hillmer (Zs)

April 21, 2005
Edinburgh Castle
Matty Rue Morgue birthday bash!!! Jazz Jam Night

April 6, 2005
Hemlock Tavern
w/ Secret Puppets (Portland)

March 24, 2005
Adobe Books
acoustic experimental jazz set

March 23, 2005
Rickshaw Stop
w/ Tuxedomoon

March 20, 2005
The Stud
w/ Business Lady

March 13, 2005
Golden Bull, 412 14th Street @ Broadway, Oakland
w/ Battleship, Feather Gong

March 2, 2005
El Rio
w/ Le Flange Du Mal

Feb 16, 2005
Hush Hush, 14th and Guerrero
w/ Scream Club (Olympia), Romanteek

Feb 5, 2005
Gilman, Berkeley
w/ Qui, Raking Bombs(Vancouver), Archeopteryx, So So Many White White Tigers

Jan 25, 2005
Hemlock Tavern, Polk st.
w/ Raking Bombs(Vancouver), So So Many White White Tigers

Dec 11, 2004
Balazo Gallery
w/ Mae Shi, The Punks, Battleship

Nov 20, 2004
Cherry Bar
Pinksock presents...a craftparty!
w/ Jel from Anticon.

Nov 11, 2004
Rickshaw Stop
w/ Veronica Lipgloss & the Evil Eyes, Holy Kiss, Sharp Ease

Oct 13, 2004
El Rio
w/ Mutilated Mannequins, Triple Cobra, Passionistas

October 16, 2004
Mile High Club
Bitch Magazine Benefit
w/ Lipstick Conspiracy, Lizzy & The Redbirds
$ 10-20 sliding FOR A GOOD CAUSE

October 23, 2004
111 McPherson St, Santa Cruz
w/ Unicorn Stickers, Best Pals, So So Many White White Tigers, FCC
ALLI'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 24, 2004
6th Street Books (between Mission and Howard)
w/ Appreciation, So So Many White White Tigers

October 1, 2004
Auto (34th and Telegraph, Oakland)
w/ Warbler, Chen Santa-Maria, Militant Children's Hour

September 15, 2004
Hemlock Tavern
w/ Jeweled Cats, Death of A Party

August 21, 2004
Edinburgh Castle
w/ Jeweled Cats, Swann Danger, Baby's Breath

July 31, 2004
Potrero del Sol Park, Bands Against Bush benefit
w/ Friends Forever, Mae Shi, Yellow Swans, Foot Village, 7 Year Rabbit Cycle

July 29, 2004
Edinburgh Castle
w/ Amps for Christ, Blue Silk Sutures

July 8, 2004
The Eagle Tavern
w/ Veronica Lipgloss & the Evil Eyes, Deep Dick Collective, Antiquark (San Diego)
Veronica Lipgloss & the Evil Eyes going-away tour benefit!!

June 6, 2004
Ptomaine Temple, 3957 San Leandro, Oakland
w/ NTX + ELECTRIC, Fuckwolf, Angel on the Nod & the Phantasy Defylment

June 8, 2004
Hemlock Tavern
w/ Fatal Flying Guilloteens, This Moment in Black History
Flyer by Urban Inks

May 30, 2004 The Red Devil Lounge
w/ The Peels, The Main Frame

May 8, 2004
Li Po (916 Grant @ Washington)
w/ The Manifolds, The Mall

March 27, 2004
Balazo Gallery (Mission @ 24th)
w/ The Mall, Officer May (Boston)

February 7, 2004
KALX live
Live radio broadcast on 90.7 at 9:30pm

February 6, 2004
Edinburgh Castle (950 Geary St)
w/ The Vanishing, KRMTX

January 30, 2004
Edinburgh Castle (950 Geary St)
w/ Black Ice, Madelia

January 25, 2004
Red Hot at The Red Devil Lounge (1695 Polk St. at Clay St)
w/ The Sixteens

January 17, 2004
40th St. Warehouse
w/ Condor, The Weegs, The Manifolds

January 8, 2004
Arrow Bar (6th + Market)

December 13, 2003
Edinburgh Castle (950 Geary St)
w/ Spector Protector

November 15, 2003
21 Grand (449B 23rd St, Oakland)
w/ Yaphet Kotto, Black Box, The Weegs, Library Science, Free Klinic, Tommy Lasorda, All Sorts and more
Show benefits Not In Our Name Project and October 22nd Coalition
to stop police brutality, repression, and the criminalization of a generation!

November 14, 2003
The Tempest Bar (431 Natoma St)
w/ The Starvations, Lexington

September 28, 2003
Mission House Party
w/ The Mall

September 12, 2003
Balazo Gallery
w/ The Holy Kiss, 24K Gold