Tussle wasn't the only band to play that night. San Francisco's The Cold War played its left wing brand of noise rock to the audience. Singer Tamera Ferro was all over the place, belting out the vocals while entertaining the crowd with her stage presence. The band played a very short set, with the acoustics at The Hotel Utah not exactly being cooperative to its type of music. Regardless, the band was very entertaining and may have prompted some people in attendance to start a Communist revolution.
Mesh Magazine, December 2005

Tamera Ferro from The Cold War does her vocals up like a barked exorcism... twitchy and guided by wildness. Also including Allison Pheteplace and Tony Dryer, they have some similarities to Erase Errata-the dance beats, the occasionally barky vox-- but they're driven entirely by bass grind and prone to psychedelic noizexplorations, off-kilter drum freakouts, oscillating space-tweets, and echo-reverb warping their sharp edges...
pitchforkmedia.com, April 2005

3. The Cold War (and their hot dance moves), Hemlock Tavern
San Francisco Bay Guardian weekly top 5 list, April 2005

Tamera Ferro sounds a little like Karen O. But the Cold War, fueled by political rage and fractured guitars, goes to a darker place than the Yeah Yeah Yeahs would ever dare.
flavorpill.net, October 2005

DON'T BE FOOLED by the fact that the members of the Cold War only play two instruments and the vocalist is all elbows and knees: this musical Luftwaffe pull off the volume of a much larger band. Or maybe a small militia.
San Francisco Bay Guardian, November 2004